9 Healthy Recipes To Kickstart Your New Year

This year we resolve to be healthier versions of ourselves. We shun diet plans, and skinny versions of classic dishes in favour of healthy recipes designed to kickstart our new year. Here are nine great recipes that will help you to design healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners throughout January, without the pain of feeling like you are eating lesser food. With these recipes, you’ll find that becoming a healthier version of yourself is no problem at all.


From smoothies to eggs, there are a huge amount of ways to fill the fry-shaped hole you may be feeling after living it up during December.

healthy smoothies; calso cooks; paul o'callaghan

Try Calso’s super smoothies on for size – the colour alone should put a pep in your step.

Two poached eggs on wholemeal toast.

Poached eggs on wholemeal toast is a wonderful way to start the day – check out our foolproof method here.


Make breakfast look like dessert with our tropical granola pots. YUM.


Whether packing up to bring to work, or eating on the go while wrangling some toddlers, lunch can be super delicious while ticking all the healthy boxes.


Val’s stoopy soup is filled with veggies and super greens, making it great fuel for the month ahead.



Our butternut squash and chorizo salad is hearty and filled with flavour. No bread here, thanks.


A baked fritatta is delicious warm or cold, making it perfect packed lunch fare.


Healthy dinners should please the whole family, not just adults trying to healthify themselves this month. These options celebrate deliciousness as well as child-friendly – win/win in our opinion!


A chicken casserole is fabulous back-to-school food, perfect with some mashed potatoes or crusty bread to mop up the juices.

Posh Fish and Chips - MID RES

Crusty fish with sweet potato fries. Indulgent, but good for you.

tomato penne pasta

Sometimes, only pasta will do. Choose a tomato-based sauce like this easy creamy tomato version for maximum vitamin intake.


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