New Year’s Eve – The Drinks Party

camembert_cranberry_parcels_christmas canapes

Hosting a drinks party on New Year’s Eve and not sure where to start? Never fear, we are here to help. Relax and read on, as we share our top tips to hosting a successful drinks party, every time.

Set The Tone
The most important thing you can do when hosting a drinks party is to set the tone. That is, plan music in advance, adjust lighting so that it is flattering and comfortable. Make sure there are seats for everyone who may want them. Creating a relaxing atmosphere is the first step to success.

Chorizo Gubeen Swirls

Chorizo and Gubeen Swirls

Choose The Drinks
It’s nice to greet guests with a cocktail or a glass of something fizzy. Make up large jugs of your cocktail of choice early in the day and keep them in the fridge to be poured as needed later on. Set up a bar station in the kitchen, with glasses, wine and beer, so that after the first drink, people can help themselves. Make sure there is lots of ice, lemon and lime, as well as some fizzy soft drinks for the designated drivers. If you want to make drinks extra fun, consider freezing some herbs like mint or basil in ice cubes to add a herby hit to cocktail hour.


Mini Sausage Rolls

Be Smart About Canapés
While it’s great to make your own food, we advocate a more relaxed attitude over the holidays. Operate a 50/50 idea of shop-bought and homemade, sprucing up shop bought hummus with a drizzle of olive oil, buying tubs of olives and delicious crisps. Whip up some homemade sausage rolls or camembert and cranberry parcels so that guests have something hot to nibble on, and you will be the hostess with the mostess, without breaking a sweat. Check out our Top 12 canapé recipes here.

camembert_cranberry_parcels_christmas canapes

Camembert Cranberry Parcels

And Finally…

Enjoy yourself! Your guests won’t have a good time if you’re not having one yourself! Follow this golden rule of party throwing and all will be well.

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