The No Salt Chef’s Top Healthy Eating Tips

Chef Brian McDermott knows all about the benefits of healthy eating. A successful career working in the kitchens of some of his native Donegal’s most lauded establishments and a senior global product development role in Kerry Group ended when Brian was diagnosed with a chronic heart condition. As a result, Brian changed his lifestyle and consequently his cooking style and quickly established a reputation for himself as “the no salt chef”, cooking great tasting, accessible and affordable food without adding salt. We sat down with Brian to get his top tips to revolutionising your lifestyle, and the easy changes we can all make to change our lives.


Brian’s Healthy Chicken Casserole is a treat

Meal Planning
Sounds like hard work but it really isn’t simply plan out your intended weekly meals and ask yourself Is it healthy ? If not change to ensure fresh, unprocessed ingredients are included. Make a shopping list based on your Meal Plan and stick to buying only whats on your list.

Change your eating habit  slowly
Making small changes is more effective. Eating is about a sustainable approach so set yourself small targets weekly. For example this week I’m going to eat more fresh vegetables and fish. Make a  simply recipe to start with that includes fresh fish and ingredients. Its about changing mindfullness.


Brian’s Healthy Brown Bread is one for the weekly bake off.


Watch Your Salt Intake
Avoid processed foods. Try adding fresh herbs and spices to replace Salt. I’m now cooking 5 years without salt and i can actually taste and pick up flavours usually masked by salt.

Kick-Start Every Day
I start with warm water and lemon, then after 30 minutes its a bowl of porridge and fresh fruit. Porridge keeps the hunger at bay till lunchtime and you avoid mid morning eating.

Avoid Sneaky Snacking
This is a big problem whether its chocolate or sweets in the car while travelling or afternoon treats this must be avoided and my most effective tip is to have a slice of bitter apple when you feel like snacking and this drives your sour and bitter taste buds mad and you will forget about something sweet. I got a male friend of mine to do this last year as he used to snack in the car constantly and he’s lost 2 stone in less than a year and swears its really effective.

Brian returns to RTE’s Today Show next Monday at 4.30pm. For more updates of classes and appearances, check out his website

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