Tesco Ireland launches first Omega 3 Irish chicken

Tesco Ireland launches first Omega 3 enriched Irish chicken; ilove cooking; ilove cooking ireland

Tesco Ireland launches first Omega 3 enriched Irish chicken

Tesco Ireland working with long-standing supplier Manor Farm have today launched the first Omega 3 enriched Irish chicken in the country. The new range of Omega 3 enriched chicken products are available in Tesco Ireland stores from today. The launch range includes 1.5kg whole chicken, fillets and oyster thigh and drumstick products which will be available in 70 Tesco stores nationwide.

Omega 3 fats are important at all stages of life as they form a vital part of all of the cells that make up our body. The 100% Irish chicken is fed on a diet that includes Omega 3 rich algae from natural sources including sea, tastes and looks the same as standard, everyday Irish chicken with the added bonus of Omega. Recent Manor Farm research* reveals that more than 7 in 10 adults in Ireland are aware of Omega 3 but only associate this nutrient with oily fish that is high in Omega 3.

Manor Farm produced Omega 3 Irish Chicken is a healthy lean protein that provides some of the benefits of consuming oily fish without altering the taste of the chicken.The launch of Omega 3 Irish chicken into the market in Tesco Ireland stores nationwide follows a significant period of research by Manor Farm’s innovation team.

Speaking at the launch, registered dietitian Aveen Bannon of the Dublin Nutrition Centre explained that:

  “As the nation gears up for college, end of year and state exams; alongside a balanced diet; Omega 3 plays an important role in maintaining heart health, brain function and vision. Omega-3 fatty acids are described as an essential fat which means they are needed for good health but the body cannot make them. Therefore we must get them from our diets”.

Check out Manor Farm’s Omega 3 Spatchcock Chicken With Rainbow Veg (get the full recipe here)

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