Baileys Caramel Chocolate Freakshake

Baileys Caramel Chocolate Freakshake

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A freakshake is basically a completely over-the-top and indulgent milkshake, but these particular freakshakes are for adults only! Sorry, kids! Chocolate and caramel sauce, Baileys milkshake, and any and every chocolate and caramel treat you dare to adorn and balance on top of a cloud of whipped cream. This recipe makes enough to fill one 350ml glass, but you can easily double or triple to make more, or you could split this recipe into two smaller glasses for a much tamer after-meal treat.

We topped our freakshakes with Curly Wurly, chocolate caramel Digestive biscuits, chocolate covered wafer fingers filled with caramel, caramel covered pretzels, chocolate sprinkles and even more caramel sauce. Use whatever treats you prefer and have fun!

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