that lemon curd recipe from Susan Jane White,, The Virtuous Tart

That Lemon Curd

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That Lemon Curd. Here are two things you should know about egg yolks that you won’t read on the side of an egg box. Firstly, these little golden treasures contain military amounts of phospholipids called choline and inositol. Phospholipids have several important functions in our bodies, most notably for the proper breakdown of fats in our diet. An egg yolk’s second greatest virtue is its brain-charging abilities. The combination of choline, inositol and top-class protein helps nourish our mental and physical stamina. Other virtues include impressive levels of feel-good tryptophan, cancerfighting selenium and calcium-loving vitamin D. A cracking concoction. From Susan Jane White’s Cookbook: The Virtuous Tart 

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