5 Sexy Foods To Get You In The Mood

This Valentines Day, if you want to boost your bonking potential, then serve up meals laden with foods that are guaranteed to liven up your love life. Check out our top 5 sexy foods to get you in the mood.

40 cloves chicken

Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

Rather than repel your intended, garlic is actually one of the better-known aphrodisiacs. People have been using it to improve their sex drives for centuries, because it contains a chemical called allicin that increases blood flow to the sexual organs and makes us feel all warm and squidgy inside.

Flora pro.activ Lime and Coriander Asparagus

Lime & Coriander Asparagus

In the 19th century, asparagus was served to bridegrooms in a pre-wedding feast so that they would be successful in the marital bed. Today, asparagus is one of the most well-known sexy foods. It’s filled with folic acid, which helps to ensure reproductive health but is also rich in vitamin E, which makes you glow, inside and out.

prawns lemon and garlic

Chilli & Garlic Prawns

Chilli peppers stimulate endorphins, our feel-good hormones. They are also rich in capsaicin, which speeds up our heart rate and makes us sweat – imitating the way we feel when we are in deep arousal mode.

chocolate_fondant_recipe; chocolate_recipe; i_love_cooking_recipe

Chocolate Fondant

For ultimate sexiness choose the darkest chocolate you can find. Cocoa is a source of phenylethylamine, known as a love booster because it quickens your pulse and tricks the brain into feeling as though it is falling in love.

Kofta With Avocado Dressing

Kofta With Avocado Dressing

These superfoods were considered so overtly sexual that Catholic priests in Spain once banned their congregations from eating them. Rich in vitamin E which helps develop testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, avocados are the original sexy fruit.

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