5 Great NYE Meal Ideas


Still not sure what you’re cooking tonight? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five great NYE Meal Ideas that can be whipped up without too much fuss:


beef bourg

Beef Bourgignon is the ultimate fancy crowd pleaser

Chilli con carne with rice in terracotta dish

Serve Chilli Con Carne with wraps, guacamole and lots of tortilla chips and watch it disappear


Domini Kemp’s Six Nation Stew is a no brainer when it comes to feeding a crowd

Pizza margherita.

A DIY Pizza Party is always a hit… if you can cope with the mess!

North Indian Prawn Curry; Catherine Fulvio recipe; i love cooking; weekend chef book

Catherine Fulvio’s North Indian Prawn Curry is authentic, punchy and delicious

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