Christmas Cookbook Gift Guide 2017

Christmas Cookbook Gift Guide

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Christmas Cookbook Gift Guide 2017

Who doesn’t love a good cookbook at Christmas? If you are considering buying a cookbook for a loved one you may be confused as to what would they would like best. We understand your dilemma, so we have done the research for you and have put together a definitive cookbook guide to give you all the information you need to make your final decision. Here are our top 10 picks:

Chef Adrian: Fakeaway

Chef Adrian

Perfect for: The health conscious cook. Adrian’s recipes let you recreate your favourite fast foods using easily accessible and healthy ingredients. From Chinese crispy duck to fish and chips, curries to burgers, pizzas to chicken wings and some sweet treats too RRP: €16.99 Buy here

Lynda Booth: Fearless Food

Lynda Booth

Perfect for: The exploratory cook. This cookbook by Lynda brings its reader on a culinary journey in the hope that it will instil courage in their cooking. Bursting with incredible recipes and stunning photography, it will inspire you to be an even better cook. RRP: €29.99 Buy here

Roz Purcell: Half Hour Hero

Roz Purcell

Perfect for: The busy cook. A busy but eager cook as this recipe book compiled by Roz Purcell features tasty food using whole ingredients but with busy, healthy lifestyles in mind. Recipes are made in under 30minutes and they are healthy too as expected but vitally, the dishes are delicious! RRP: €28.00 Buy here

Rachel Allen: Home Baking

Rachel Allen Home Baking

Perfect for: The baker. Baking lovers as this recipe book coming from the safe hands of Rachel Allen is a baker’s dream! Featuring some unique recipes as well as more traditional ones, this book promises to teach you techniques that will work every time. RRP: €23.99 Buy here

Helen James: A Sense of Home

Helen James

Perfect for:  The newlyweds. A newlywed couple or a person who loves creative spaces, design and obviously, food! This book not only features some tasty recipes, but it also offers inspiring advice on how to create a lovely home that is reflective of a person’s own personality. Helen shares her expertise in interior design room by room and stirs a real sense of home in readers. A beautiful gift for the right person. RRP: €22.99 Buy here

Rory O’Connell: Cook Well Eat Well

Rory O'Connell

Perfect for: The host with the most. An entertainer cook or a dinner party god/goddess who opt to serve three course meals and are constantly creative with their cooking. Rory focuses on seasonal and balanced meals that are delightful. Separated by seasons, the book comprises of meals cooked for 4-6 people as well as larger parties. It is modern and innovative which will undoubtedly sell well over the festive period.RRP: €24.99 Buy here

Niall Murphy:Donnybrook Fair Cookbook

Donnybrook Fair

Perfect for: The enthusiast. Simple food done extremely well.  This book is a first from Niall Murphy, Executive Chef of Donnybrook Fair Cookery School. Sharing his culinary experience, he offers cookery lessons and mastering the art of cooking. RRP: €22.99 Buy here

Nigella Lawson: At My Table

NIgella Lawson

Perfect for: The homecookNigella Lawson fans and the traditional home cook. After taking a break from the limelight Nigella is back with a brilliant cookbook and one that is sure to delight her fans. Compiling recipes from her childhood she promises that each recipe is uncomplicated as life is complicated enough. Like any Nigella Lawson cookbook, it offers some sweet treats too! RRP: €26.00 Buy here

Jamie Oliver: 5 Ingredients

Jamie Oliver

Perfect for: Novice or keen cooks. This cookbook is full of tasty recipes that can be made using only five key ingredients. With over 130 recipes that are incredibly easy to follow this cookbook is ideal for cooks who are short on time too and ingredients! RRP: €36.40 Buy here

Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi: Ottolenghi

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 09.49.32

Perfect for: The explorer. This cookbook showcases fresh, honest, bold cooking and perfect for a confident cook. The book includes simple dishesfrom around the world, ranging from North Africa to Lebanon, Italy and California. First published in 2008, this new updated edition revisits the 140 original recipes covering everything from accomplished meat and fish main courses, through to healthy and quick salads and suppers, plus Ottolenghi’s famously delectable cakes and breads.  RRP: €32.99 Buy here


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