The Virtuous Tart

Susan Jane White’s cookbook,  The Virtuous Tart is for those of us who  want our cake and to eat it too. This book turns those pesky sugar cravings into a nutritional slam-dunk.

The Virtuous Tart  is packed full of treats to love that love your body back. As well as delicious recipes for Virgin Drinks, Virtuous Tarts, Saintly Treats and Born Again Truffles – which are all free from wheat, dairy and cane sugar – Susan Jane will guide you through wholesome alternatives to refined white sugar (such as coconut sugar, date syrup, maple and raw honey), and show you where to use superfood flours like quinoa and teff. You’ll discover how to raise your energy levels naturally, and learn tasty tricks to make your skin glow.

On why she wrote the Virtuous Tart, Susan Jane says: “I eat sweet treats every day. I’m not interested in denial – that’s never worked for me. I prefer to embrace my pesky sugar cravings and turn them into a nutritional hit. Think of it as alchemy.”

So forget about deprivation and the pious attitude towards sugar… have your cake, and eat it too! Check out these gorgeous recipes from The Virtuous Tart here:

That Lemon Curd recipe

that lemon curd recipe from Susan Jane White,, The Virtuous Tart


Boozy Vegan Cherry Cupcakes


boozy cherry cupcakes



Earl Grey Chocolate Tartlets

earl grey chocolate tartlets Susan Jane White The Virtuous Tart

After Eight Dinner Part Torte

After Eight Chocolate Torte Susan Jane White The Virtuous Tart

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