Top 5 Cheap Dinners

Domini Kemp Coca Cola Chicken

If you rely on freezer offers to create cheap meals, then worry no more. We are experts when it comes to cheap dinners with simple ingredients. Feed yourself and your family for less with our top five cheap dinners.

Sauteed Potatoes with Spinach and Eggs

Leftover roasties and frozen spinach form the basis for this one pan egg dish that feels abundant for a teeny shopping budget


A little chorizo and frozen peas provide maximum flavour punch in this simple risotto

BAked Sausage and Spinach Shells

Using good quality sausage meat to stuff pasta shells is a budget-tastic way to create flavour

Domini Kemp Coca Cola Chicken

Domini Kemp’s cola chicken uses a can of cola, chicken thighs and some store cupboard spices to create a meal that is as far from the idea of budget cooking as it comes


Our hoisin pork wraps take budget ingredients to a whole new level

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