Top 5 Tips For Batch Cooking


Batch cooking can really help you save time and money. It is all about getting your freezer working for you. Try to spend a day whipping up some recipes that you can freeze this will mean you will have homemade healthy, nutritious ready meals to pop in the oven.

Master batch cooking with our top 5 tips:

1. Make A Plan:

Start off by planning 6-7 recipes that are suitable for freezing and that you are comfortable making. Dishes such as stews, casseroles, pies and soups are ideal for freezing. Then check your cupboards and freezer to see what you have. Make a shopping list of the ingredients you will need. By writing a shopping list it will really save you time and money in the supermarket.

2. Containers:

The next step is make sure you have freezer friendly containers. You can also use freezer bags for certain dishes but we find air tight food containers work best. Something like this airtight food container that is suitable for freezing available from Kitchen Cookware – these are great as the meals can be thawed and reheated in the container.

Top tip: If you are storing soups or sauces it is best to store them in specific portion sizes so you do not need defrost it all at once.

1 Litre Storage Container €4.50

1 Litre Storage Container €4.50



3. Double Your Recipe:

Some meals we might eat on a weekly basis such as a bolognese or cottage pie so why not double your recipe and keep it in the freezer for the following week.

4. Labelling:

Make sure to label everything that you put into the freezer. Label what the meal is and when you put it into the freezer. This way you can tell what you can what you will be having for dinner and you will know that it is safe to eat. You can buy white sticker labels in most supermarkets or even in your local stationary shop.

5. Freezing:

When you are freezing your meals, make sure to bring them to room temperature. Another tip would be to remove any air to stop freezer burn. If you are using freezer bags seal nearly the full way and push the air out. If using a container that does not fill the whole way place some parchment paper over the food and tuck in at the sides.


Batch Cooking Recipes:

Chicken & Broccoli Bake








Shepherd’s Pie

Cottage Pie












Basic Tomato Sauce (perfect for pizzas, bolognese, lasagne or pastas)







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