What’s For Dinner Tonight?

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If your head is exploding with the idea of coming up with a meal plan for the week, then never fear. Browse weekly menu for meal ideas that will get your family’s tastebuds going, every night.





Kickstart the week with a healthy meal like this fibre-rich quinoa risotto, filled with superfoods like beetroot and squash.









Cajun blacken chicken



Take your family to the deep south with this lip-smacking Cajun chicken. Make more of the spice blend than you need and keep in an airtight jar to sprinkle on chicken wings, drumsticks or even a roast chicken.








Just like Mama used to make. These tender meatballs simmered in a rich tomato
sauce get better as they cook. Make double and freeze for a hassle-free dinner next









wok stir fry



Lamb steak makes a great stir-fry when paired with robust soy sauce and lots of veggies.







Lemon chicken with oregano


This baked lemon and oregano chicken is a healthy one-pan dish that when
paired with lots of steamed veggies is a nutritious and delicious family meal in
under an hour!






eggy bread and bacon



Breakfast for lunch is our favourite way to start the weekend. Rope the kids into making the eggy bread and enjoy a (relatively) stress-free brunch!






choc cinnamon crinkle cookies




   Crumbly, chocolately crinkle cookies that are perfect for making with little
people. This dough can be frozen in a log and sliced when frozen for warm cookies
in minutes.

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